Why Website Design is Important & How Fiverr Can Help

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Having a good website design is an essential part of doing business online. With Fiverr, freelancers can help you design or improve your website. We’ve compiled some tips to help you find the right developer for the job.

Why Website Design is Important

It may be tempting to push website design to the side while working on things like content and marketing. However, your website design is a critical part of your online presence. Here are four reasons why good website design is essential.

1. Your website’s design can give either a good or bad first impression. Before a person reads a single line of your content, they are likely going to notice certain things about your website design. Visual elements make an impact on visitors faster than your written words. If your website is poorly designed, users may be unable to read your content. A well-designed website allows users to engage with your content (and may reduce your overall bounce rate, which is the rate at which people leave after viewing only one page).

2. People don’t trust poorly designed websites. Several website design mistakes can lead to people not trusting your brand. If your content is unreadable because of color choices (like white text on red), too many ads, or not being readable on mobile, users are unlikely to stay on your website long. As Millennials and Gen Z approach online businesses, they’re doubtful to trust a website that is not mobile-friendly, as it seems dated or unprofessional. A well-designed website can help communicate the legitimacy of your business, making it absolutely essential to your success.

3. A well-designed website will make it easier for people to find information. You don’t want to hide information from people visiting your website. When you have a good website design, users should easily find and read the site menu. Information should be organized logically. Overall, it’s important that the design of your website aids users instead of hindering them. This can be a problem with some more “modern” looking website designs. They may be pretty, but your design is useless if a person can’t navigate your website. A good website design will be attractive and easy to navigate.

4. Web design can improve your SEO. SEO isn’t just about the content of your website! Both load speeds and the mobile-friendliness of your website are important for building your SEO. If you have a well-designed website, your SEO rankings should improve.

As you can see, your website design isn’t just about how your website looks. A properly designed website will play a huge role in how your website functions.

How Fiverr Can Help with Your Website Design

When you search for website design services on Fiverr, nearly fifty thousand results pop up. This can be overwhelming, especially if you aren’t that familiar with how website design works. Below are a few services that these freelance developers can provide for you.

1. Web Design Audit

A web design audit can help you determine what needs to be fixed or updated on your current website. This is a great option if you have an existing website that may need some updates. The feedback you receive from these audits can help you determine exactly what types of services you need to get your site design where it needs to be.

When a freelancer does a web design audit, they may give you feedback about how your website looks in different browsers or on mobile. They may return with feedback for minor changes (like changing your text’s color for readability) or major changes (like making your site mobile responsive). Many of the Fiverr users who provide these audits also have website design services. Upon receiving your audit, you may also receive a quote for how much it will cost them to make the necessary changes. You can either work with them or hire another freelancer to do the work to get your website up-to-date.

2. Website Development

Website development is great if you need a new website. Find someone who makes websites that fit your needs. Keep in mind things like how you’ll edit the site in the future, whether or not you need eCommerce capabilities, the overall appearance, and your web development budget.

3. Website Design

If you need someone to design or update your website’s design, hiring someone who specializes in website design can be a powerful way to give you a professional-looking website. Website designers have different areas of expertise. For example, if you want to build a website that runs on WordPress, you will want to find a designer who works specifically with WordPress design.

4. Website Migration

Perhaps you’re on one web platform and want to move your site to another. For example, you might have a website on Blogger that you want to move to WordPress. Developers on Fiverr can help you move your website to a new platform, creating a website you love on the platform you desire.

5. Website Element Creation

If your website only needs some minor cosmetic updates, you can hire a designer to create elements for certain parts of your site. For example, a designer on Fiverr could be hired to create a banner or a promotional image for your site. These web design professionals can help you provide the imaging you need for your website.

Things to Look for in a Web Designer

The number of listings for web design can be overwhelming. As you look at different web design gigs, here are a few things to pay special attention to so you get the right freelancer.

1. Their portfolio – The freelancers should have a list of live websites that they’ve designed. Look through these sites to see the skill of the developer, along with their style.

2. Their reviews – Take a careful look at the reviews on their Fiverr gigs. Are they easy to work with? Do they deliver on time? Even if the person has all 5-star reviews, you should read the reviews to find out what it’s like to work with them.

3. Their specialties – Most of the website designers, will list the sites they’re familiar with for building your website. For example, some designers may be more familiar with building WordPress sites, while others will be more familiar with Wix or other platforms. If your website needs eCommerce capabilities, make sure that your designer is familiar with setting up an online store.

4. Their price – Look at a freelancer’s gig pricing. While the overall design cost is important, take the time to see how much they charge for edits down the road. It may be helpful to have the same developer design your website now and update it down the road.

5. Their communication skills – Do they respond to your messages? Do they understand exactly what you need for your website? While it’s important to evaluate their website design skills, it is also important to make sure that they can communicate well. A poor communicator may have difficulty understanding what you want in a design, while a good communicator will walk you through the process and make sure they understand what you want.

6. Your web design needs – This is where a web design audit may come in handy. Before you can look for a web designer, you need to know exactly what you need in a website. Make a list of everything you think you’ll need. As you read through web design gigs on Fiverr, take note of what is offered in listings so you can find the designer that matches your needs.

If you’re unsure about a particular freelancer after looking at all of these things, reach out to them to ask specific questions. For example, if you like a particular designer’s style but aren’t sure if they can set up eCommerce, reach out to ask. Don’t be afraid to ask for their experience in a particular area to determine whether they’re right for your website. The creation or updating of your website design is a big (and often costly) part of your success online, so don’t be afraid to take time to find the right freelancer.

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You don’t need to be a web design guru to have an amazing website. Freelancers on fiver can help you build or update a website that you’ll be excited to share with others. With the information and tips in this article, you’re ready to start the process of finding a designer for your website.

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