Wahed Invest: The Best Investment Muslims Should Go For

Wahed Invest muslim should go for

Wahed Invest is a Robo advisor company based in the US. Their Shari’ah Board ensures that all returns are halal. Robo advisors are automated platforms for delivering some of the best practices that human financial and investors have developed over the years. By how does Wahed Invest work?

Each platform is different but investing through a Wahed Invest generally starts with a questionnaire about your timeline, goals, and sensitivity to risk. Then the Robo-advisor should connect you with a tailored portfolio that suits your needs and preferences.

Once you have funded your loan, the Robo-advisor can continue to monitor your investments. As the individual assets in your fund rising and fall along with the economy, Robo’s advisors can look for opportunities to buy or sell stock. Hold everything in the proportions that will help keep you on course to achieve your goals.

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How does it work?

All the investments managed by Wahed Invest are done using different algorithms. All these algorithms are made by smart humans. The accounts managed by Robo advisors required less money to start and offer lower-cost investment products.

The advisors of Wahed Invest customize the portfolios of their clients by examining their data and investment goals. The company also provides an option of online investment to their clients.

The online investment was born in the late 1990s but Robo-advisors sprung on the scene in 2010. A couple of years after the 2008 recession, there are now more than 200 of them managing over 70 billion dollars.

It all sounds impressive but it’s not a lot considering the 32 trillion dollars of investible assets currently in the United States but time is on Robo advisor’s side and it’s all thanks to demographics.

The generation nowadays mostly relied on human investing professionals and financial advisors to help them decide what to do with all that money but the financial advisory business is facing a transformational change.

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Robo-advisors are automated which means they are cheap and easy to use. Wahed Invest is an attractive option for all kinds of investors, from young people just starting to most established investors like retirees looking for help generating income.

In the past, if you wanted to build a diversified portfolio of investments geared towards your timeframe and sensitivity to risk but didn’t want to work with a professional advisor, you had to handle the research, pick the investments and do all the buying and selling yourself.

Maintaining your portfolio also meant monitoring it regularly to keep everything on track as the markets changed. You also had to decide whether or when to harvest losses to offset taxable gains elsewhere in your portfolio.

This took time – not only time to manage the portfolio but time to develop investment strategies and expertise. Now, Robo-advisors can do most of this for you, breaking down old barriers of time, knowledge, access, and affordability to put sophisticated investing advice, monitoring, and research into the hands of many.

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