How to Use Fiverr to Create Video Ads for your eCommerce and Dropshipping Business

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A positive online presence is absolutely essential to running a successful eCommerce or dropshipping business. You can hire freelancers on Fiverr to help you create compelling video ads for your business.

Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram have algorithms that favor video content. This means that a video advertisement is more likely to be seen than a text or photo update. In addition to ranking higher in these algorithms, video ads grab and hold attention better than photos alone.

Even if you do most of the work needed to create a compelling video advertisement, you may choose to save time by hiring freelancers to cover certain steps, like creating subtitles or adding a voiceover. If you’re inexperienced with creating video ads, Fiverr’s freelancers can write the script, create the video, and deliver a finished product to you.

Below we will explore different options for hiring freelancers on Fiverr to create advertising videos for your eCommerce or dropshipping business.

Hiring Fiverr freelancers to Create Video Ads for your Online Business

1. Scriptwriting

Before you even start creating your video ad, you’ll need to determine what script it is going to follow. This can be as simple as having a few popup headers alongside your product images or as complex as having a complete script for the person doing a voiceover for your ad.

You can write the script for your video yourself, or you can hire someone to write it for you. Whether you’re putting together headers to use on your video or the words being spoken by the voiceover person, a Fiverr freelancer can help you create a compelling script for your ad.

When you hire someone on Fiverr, you can find freelancers with experience and a proven track record in writing scripts for advertisements. Read the freelancer’s reviews to see which ones have the experience that will help you to choose the best freelancer for your eCommerce or dropshipping business. Some of these writers have experience with dropshipping advertisements, making them a valuable asset in creating your video advertisements. But remember to choose the freelancer wisely.

2. Video Editing & Creation

Once you know what you want to include in your video, you can hire a freelancer who will create or edit your video. There are lots of options for creating a video ad, so take the time to browse through the recommended Fiverr freelancers to find someone whose style suits your business plan.

These freelancers can use non-video content like pictures to create an animated advertisement. Words, pictures, and music work together to make an ad that grabs attention. The freelancers creating your video ad can take the information and photos you supply to create a compelling advertisement.

This can be a great option if you have your own script and your own photos but don’t have the time or experience to piece them together into an ad. For example, if your eCommerce or dropshipping business is planning an upcoming sale, you can put together pictures of products that will be featured in that sale. Your hired freelancer can then take those photos and the information about your sale to create an engaging video ad.

The price you pay will depend upon the freelancer’s experience, the length of your ad, and a few other factors. As you look at gigs on Fiverr, make sure you read the reviews to find the freelancer who is the best fit for you. While many freelancers advertise their expertise in videos for dropshipping businesses, read their gig reviews to get a real idea of what you’re getting and how easy they are to work with.

3. Animation

There may be times when you’ll want video animation to accompany your products’ images for an online video ad. Hiring a freelancer to create an animated clip can be costly, but it can set your ad apart from other ads online. Because animated clips may not be the best option for showcasing your products, you may choose to pass over this option.

However, you can integrate animation into your advertising by using smaller animated clips. A short animated bit at the end can be used to distinguish your brand from the others.

Animated charts and graphs are fairly affordable on Fiverr, as well. If you combine product images with animated charts, you can communicate information with your buyers in a compelling way. For example, you might use an animated chart to help communicate your products’ benefit or boast about the number of five-star reviews. Video advertisements are meant to communicate information visually, so animated add-ons can work to draw people in.

4. Subtitles & Captions

A significant number of people watch videos online without their sound on, so it’s important to have subtitles and captions on your videos. When your video ad has subtitles, people can get the information from your voiceover without having their sound turned up.

Best of all, many freelancers are willing to add subtitles and captions to your video ads for as little as $5. This can be an inexpensive way to bring more engagement to your video ads.

There are some sites and software programs that boast that they can automatically subtitle your content. While these options may be good in a pinch, artificial intelligence is still lacking in this area. The subtitles produced by these programs often contain errors. There really is no replacement (yet) to having your video subtitled by a real, living person! Plus, many freelancers are happy to fix errors. If you find that a subtitle is incorrect, your hired freelancer is often open to fixing the error at no additional charge.

5. Voiceover

Perhaps you’ve pieced together a video but need to hire someone to do the voiceover portion of your advertisement. Most people can’t stand the sound of their own voice, making voiceovers a popular choice for outsourcing. A freelancer who is experienced in doing voiceovers can save you time that you might otherwise spend recording and re-recording audio for your video ad.

Whether you like your voice or not, hiring someone to do the voiceover for your advertisements can be a powerful way to increase your ads’ effectiveness. For example, if you are a male, but your current promotion is targeted at women in their 20s and 30s, you may want to hire a young-sounding female to do the voiceover for your ad. Although young women make purchases from video ads that have a male voiceover, a young female voice will give them something to identify with, which will, in turn, pique their interest in your products.

Another major benefit of hiring a freelancer to create a voiceover is the opportunity to shop around for the perfect voice for your video ad. You can choose the gender, language, and even the accent you want for your ad. Most of the freelancers offering voiceover services provide video and audio samples, so you can best determine which one you want to hire.

Voiceovers don’t need to be limited to “normal” things, either. You can hire a voiceover to sound like a particular public figure, a child, or a cartoon character. The freelancers on Fiverr offer a wide variety of voiceover options, meaning even your wildest ideas can be a reality.

6. All-in-One Ad Packages

If you don’t want to spend time creating a video advertisement for your business, you can hire a freelancer on Fiverr to take care of the entire project. These freelancers do everything from start to finish. They create the script, make the video, provide a voiceover, and return the completed project.

Some freelancers even offer delivery within 24 hours, which is great if you want to get the video ad out quickly.

Because the same person is working on every piece of your video ad, a unified vision will drive the production of your video. By hiring one person to work on your project from start to finish, you will spend less time coordinating details with freelancers, leaving you to spend more time on the tasks that really matter.

Several of the freelancers offering video advertising services have experience making video ads for eCommerce or dropshipping businesses. While some advertise this in their gig descriptions, you can look at a user’s reviews to determine if their skills will fit your project.

As you build and scale your online business, video advertisements are an important part of driving customers to your website. To free up your time, you can hire freelancers on Fiverr to take care of every part of creating a complete and compelling video ad.

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