6 Ways to Make Money without a Job

how to make money without job

I had always been the motivated and super hard-working kind of student who had envisioned being the best in the field professionally as well. But life happens, and you don’t get to live or achieve your dreams in their entire existence. Looking back at how I managed my future will be, it still gives me something to laugh about.

I am sure there will be many out there who are in the same boat as me. You can be jobless, in between jobs, not being able to work, or stuck in any other scenario. But maintaining financial independence and stability is not only a must for one’s sanity but also for both ends to meet.

So what exactly could be done about staying at home and STILL EARN MONEY without a job?

When time is an asset, and there is only one place you can be, it is time to put your thinking caps on and take up the challenge. I have shortlisted all the ways that can prove to be useful and beneficial as a constant and reliable source of income (without a permanent 9-5 job).

What needs to be understood is that to make money without a job, you need to play smart with your finances. Here is a summary for everyone like me, who wants to make money from home and is in search of easy ways to make money:

Make do some Real Estate Investment

The first thought that comes in mind after hearing the words real estate investment is investing a big chunk of money in buying and selling properties. You can either do this or renovate properties to get profit.

It is possible and logical that you might not have hundreds and thousands of dollars waiting to be invested. But that is not the end of the story.

What little amount of money you own, you can still invest wisely in real estate, such as mortgaging your properties to taking part in crowdfunded companies.

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Start small; rent out a room

If thinking about investing in prominent properties and playing all the smart gimmicks still seems a daunting task to you, then start small. Think about the real estate you already own and take it from there, one step at a time.

You can easily rent out a room. Previously, getting a single room advertised and finding clients was a task, but now you can get it registered on SpareRoom, and you are sorted.

If you live in a busy locale such as a college or holiday destination, this is one of the easiest and most effective ways to make money without a job.

Make sure you have no lingering debts

It may seem like a strange proposition at first, but trust me, it works. To make money without a job, you need to make sure that no source is sucking money out of you.

If you have any outstanding debts and loans to clear, then make sure you do them fast. Loans with interest keep on piling up the money you owe, and you end up losing more money as compared to what you are earning.

So, make sure you pay off your debts, and even if you cannot pay it off entirely, you should refinance it for a better interest rate. YES, you can do that.

If it’s a student loan, credit card debt, or any other kind of investment- you can get it refinanced for a better interest rate. Saving money and managing your finances is the most important step to make money from home.

I suggest you check your credit score for free with Credit Sesame. You don’t even need credit card to sign up.

Start a blog and opt for affiliate marketing

This one is the most talked about and the most effective means of earning these days. I would rate this method of earning as one that requires more smart work than hard work. With practically no investment needed, this one can pay you off really well.

All you do is purchase a domain name and space, set up a blog, decide on your niche (area of interest) and start posting. You can get in touch with companies, platforms, and services that offer affiliate programs.

Track them down and get registered with them. You then include affiliate links in your posts and blog reviews. For every lead and purchase that your blog generates, you get paid.

Setting up a blog and getting it started is a fairly simple and quick task. Write an impressive blog post with affiliate links and it can help you earn forever.

Sell stuff online

This is perhaps the oldest method to earn money from home. But there are so many variations that can be included with the typical method of selling your personal stuff.

You can rent out your stuff, create a platform where anonymous sellers and buyers can advertise their products (and of course you get your share at every deal). You can create a new product and sell it, start a business and outsource it. SO MANY WAYS! 


Be a freelancer

Freelancers can be thought of as a job but not if you outsource the job. You can set up a profile on different freelancing platforms, such as Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer, and form a team of writers and service providers who can the job for you. Easy money without a job!

What needs to be understood is that earning money without a job or from home is not an impossible task. It is possible that you earn without having a 9-5 job and while you sit at home.

Apart from the most traditional and known methods of earning from home such as freelancing and online teaching some new and methods have made their way too. You can opt for any of these and start earning from home.


So, if you also find yourself in a rut; you have children to look after, you are not in the best of health to go out and work, or even if you are too lazy to do a day job, try these ways to make money from home and thank me later!

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