5 Ways to Make Money from Instagram

how to make money from instagram online

Of late, Instagram has become the hot spot of marketing activities.

People are in love with this simple and sophisticated photo and video sharing platform, where they can share pictures of their everyday lives with their friends or create visual content and target a broader audience.

Many of us are hooked to Instagram, and a lot of us love to share pictures of our holidays, favorites restaurants, artwork, etc. on this space.

If you are someone who devotes a lot of time in creating content for Instagram in form of beautifully shot pictures and brilliantly edited videos, it is a good idea to monetize Instagram and make money online.

Have you ever thought about how can you monetize Instagram?

Instagram has become one of the most loved places in the virtual world by users and brands alike. Brands are turning to the app for reaching out to people, while individuals and small businesses are utilizing Instagram as one of the several ways to make money online.

Read on know more about how to make money from Instagram-

1. Become an influencer

If you have worked hard to create meaningful posts, amassed a huge number of followers, and maintain a good engagement with them, then you can become an Instagram influencer.

Brands are willing to pay a good amount to influencers in order to promote their product. You can promote a brand or product that is relevant to your area of work on Instagram so that it appeals to your followers.

2. Open an online store

Selling merchandise online is another way to monetize Instagram. You can make printed coffee mugs, t-shirts, calendars of your beautiful pictures or artwork and sell them.

3. Get into Dropshipping

In the retail world, the word dropshipping refers to a practice where the store doesn’t stock the product that it is selling.

It simply takes orders from customers and fulfills them through suppliers. Instagram is a great place to start a dropshipping venture, as it offers an easy way to connect with buyers.


4. Take your business to Instagram

If you have an existing business that is not online, then Instagram is the best way to take it to the virtual world and expand your customer base.

Setting up a business page on Instagram is much easier than developing your own website – and it’s free of cost too!

Advertise about your business or take orders on Instagram and deliver your product to people. You can also use Instagram’s sponsored post feature to reach a larger number of people by paying a small amount.

5. Sell your Instagram account

You signed up for Instagram, created a lot of content and made many followers. For some reason, you want to move on.

There is still some scope here for you to monetize Instagram.

If you have had a great presence on the platform, you can sell your Instagram influence to online platforms like Viral Accounts that will pay you for it.

You have read our tips on how to monetize Instagram. Gaining fame and followers on Instagram takes time and consistency.

But with a little bit of effort, you can utilize it easily to make money online. Read also on how to make money from Facebook and Youtube.

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